Kolable R99 Splatter Splat Ball Gun

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Want to experience the real version of apex shooter? This toy blaster is an imitation of the model R99 in the game, and has a longer range(up to 75ft ) and a faster rate (fire of 8 rounds per second) than other splatter ball guns. Can shoot 500 rounds at a time without stopping!

The Origin of the Design

A submachine gun, abbreviated SMG, is a magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire handgun cartridges. The term "submachine gun" was coined by John T. Thompson, the inventor of the Thompson submachine gun, to describe its design concept as an automatic firearm with notably less firepower than a machine gun (hence the prefix "sub-"). --From Wikipedia

Kolable R99 Splatter Splat Ball Gun Features

🔫Fully Automation Firing Design--Kolable R99 can fully auto and continually send gel ammo. The more rounds fired the more chance of hitting the target.

🔫Four Modes to Use at Will-- With a detachable front handle and adjustable rear stock, not only you can use it as a normal splash ball blaster pistol or turn it into a rifle gel blaster, but also can use it in a variety of combat scenarios.

🔫Better Configuration-- Upgrade the spring trigger and higher quality materials to provide you with a better gaming experience. It also easy for you to install other accessories on the tracks of the toy gun body.

What’s Included

1 * Electric Water Gun,

2 * 5000 gel ball,

1 * Hopper,

1 * Detachable vertical grip,

1 * Protective eyewear,

1 * Batteries,

1 * Charging USB,

1 * Manual

* infrared sight

Matters Needing Attention

  • Must wear goggles(included) when shooting and do not aim at eyes or face! The recommended for ages 12 and above.
  • Charge the battery and Gel ball soaking for at least 4 hours use the warm water, Gel balls are not edible.
  • Be sure to turn on the switch to use, Recommended to play under the supervision of parents.
  • Please check the manual and video explanation before use. If the gel gun cannot be used, please don’t panic and tell us imm

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